I have survived a debilitating eating disorder, a multi-year illness in my early twenties, a near-death experience in childbirth, and an extended season of grief. All of these things have taught me personally so much about what taking care of our bodies and learning to listen to them with compassion really means. 

I have lived in multiple countries. I have a deep appreciation for open-minded diversity. I am multi-lingual. I have been a lecturer in seminars, conferences, and classrooms on the practice of enjoyment, and I have taught on multiple continents for many years. 

Sitting on my porch swing with my creamy coffee in the sunrise, rainbow-filled bubble gum machines, big blue hydrangeas, and being outside in beauty is my evidence that there is goodness in this world - that and Dutch licorice, which I love! I live in the Pacific Northwest. I have two teenagers, a goofy white Labradoodle, a scraggly garden, and friendships that I deeply cherish.