I enjoy teens and am especially passionate about this unique age range. I love working with adolescents looking for a safe place to listen to their bodies, to learn stress lowering strategies, and skills on how to connect with others, including their parents. Together we attempt to create lifelong patterns of rest and health. I also offer coaching to help them uncover what makes them come alive and how to enjoy being who they are, while learning key skills to help them be more connected and confident in life.


As a parent of two teenagers and someone who has navigated the bumpy terrain that all families can be, I also provide family coaching sessions. Having worked with hundreds of young people and their families, I can come alongside each member of your family with ideas of how to communicate more effectively and position yourselves to be on each other's team, while also honoring your own needs.


One of my greatest joys in life is to help my clients see the beauty and gifts they offer the world. I provide support to clients of all ages and stages in life to learn to discover who they are, and how powerful being gentle and offering self-compassion to ourselves in seasons of grief, pain or desiring change can be.


As a parent, I remember so well the days of young babies and toddlers competing for my last drop of strength and energy - while also trying to balance my own self-care needs and sanity! I have learned that self-compassion and supportive relationships are some of the most beautiful sources of health we can provide for ourselves. In working with parents whose children or teens are suffering, I have also found that when parents are able to attend to their own needs with gentleness, they have more patience and presence to give. Finding the time to do this can be challenging. I am here to offer you support as you apply that kindness to yourself within your daily capacity.


I am available for international and multi-time zone appointments. Online coaching is convenient for many of my clients, especially adolescents. I offer online coaching in every one of the categories I coach in. Please inquire about Group Coaching topics and rates.


I am available for a free initial twenty-minute phone consultation to discuss what brings you to coaching and how I can offer support to help benefit you and your goals and needs.


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