For Parents Of Teens

I have two teens. And with them comes a whole constellation of their friends that populate my home. I happen to really enjoy teenagers and all their unique and underlying gifts they bring to our world. Teens' brains and global norms are changing at a staggering pace which can sometimes make them as difficult to understand for adults as they are to themselves. Teens are passionate and insightful, creative and full of truth telling and they are a gift to us that we sometimes need help knowing how to hear and see and know.

For many years I have helped hundreds of adolescents grow in self awareness, self regulation, self compassion, self care, and in self efficacy to strategize for their decision making, in their daily mental and emotional well being, and in their relationships - with both themselves and others. I offer coaching to help them uncover what makes them come alive and how to enjoy being who they are, while learning key soothing and connection skills to help them navigate the world when they are suffering.

As you may have noticed, however, that is a lot of "selfs" in that paragraph. Teens are in a unique season of getting to know who they are and how they relate to others, and the ones who sometimes take the friendly fire in this context can be the ones they love and need the most: their families.

As a functional medicine health and wellness coach I come alongside parents and care takers to offer over two decades of experience and resources to give you support to position yourself to have an open and mutually respectful relationship with your teen, to know how to be on their team and also honor your own and your family's health needs.

I am hear to help you manage conflict, boundaries and connecting with your teen both with key communication skills and strategies for influence that are not fear based. I am also here to help you navigate your own health needs in a potentially stressful season. Please don't hesitate to reach out if I can be of any support to you.