Trust What Your Body Is Saying To You

If you were sweating drizzles down the side of your cheek, and your face was rosy, and your tee was sticking to your back as you pulled on your neckline and tried to get air down your shirt, would you question if you were hot?

If you were sitting in the dark and your heart started ricocheting, and your breath got shallow as you scrunched up your face, and you squeezed your eyes tightly shut, and you stifled a scream in your chest, would you question that you were feeling scared?

If you aren't sleeping well at night and constantly feel exhausted, if you keep hurting yourself, if you crave salty or sugary things later in the day, if you can't turn your brain off from cringing about all the same things, if you feel irritable and aren't finding joy in your days, if you have non stop headaches, if you can't stop obsessing about food, would you question that something was going on in your body in the same legitimate way?

Our bodies will have their say.

Pesticides, hormones, stress, fatigue, grieving, young children, job instability, too much homework, the betrayal of a loved one. Puberty, disease, pregnancy, not enough to eat, confusion, hair lines receding, feeling out of it.

We have to trust that our body knows what it's saying.

Even if we don't get it completely.

The tricky part is we often emphasize appearance, the decline of capacity, acne, the pain, the inconveniencing ... and we miss the soliloquy of what our body is saying because it wants us to trust us.

In our image driven society it is increasingly difficult to get quiet and hear the gentle cues of our cells, our immune system, our skin, our belly. Or the cramping in our toes. The body only megaphones when all the other subtle, steady hints have been given.

What is your body saying to you?

If you are having a hard time deciphering your body's language or are needing help to make a plan to apply what it's saying, please feel welcome to reach out and we can talk about how to listen to what your body is saying to you.