"I never imagined I would need coaching around food and my eating habits. I thought I was a perfect example of healthy eating. One time the topic of food came up in one session with Misha. That session was pivotal for me. I remember it clearly. Misha looked at me with her authentically kind eyes and welcoming smile. She asked me a few questions about my relationship with food and then gave me permission to choose what I wanted to do. I thought, “Wait…. what? You’re going to let me decide this?” Because Misha offered me space to connect with my body and ponder my eating habits, I was able to see clearly how the very house of health I thought I was building was actually preventing me from connecting with my body and feeling free in my life.

When I began meeting with Misha it was the first time I felt truly seen and heard at a deep level without any judgment. Misha modeled for me how to see and hear myself with compassion. The relationship I am cultivating with my body is the most precious gift I can give myself. I am overflowing with gratitude to Misha who created a safe space for me to feel seen and heard in one of the hardest seasons of my life. She helped me to see that deep connection, satisfaction and joy are possible for me."

Erin S.

"Misha exudes warmth and creates such a safe, welcoming space. Her coaching is catalytic, and her compassionate presence is growth-promoting. By working with Misha I’ve gained a much kinder and gentler approach to myself and my own health. She’s provided space for me to learn how to listen to and trust the needs of my body, to celebrate my strengths and to partner with my humanity instead of living in frustration by it. 

I am deeply grateful for the truly holistic approach to health coaching Misha offers. It has impacted so many areas of my life including my parenting and my profession. How I show up in the world, the ways I respond to my own health challenges, and even the way I define and pursue health is different because of our time together. Out of all of the ways I’ve attempted to address my health needs over the past four years, coaching with Misha has yielded the greatest results."

Amy H.

"The capacity to engender trust in another individual is not a skill theoretically learned. It is the result of not avoiding life experience, but owning it and becoming more real in the process. Misha models with her clients what is internally real.  She is authentic and it shows in her capacity to empathize and listen deeply. Having observed and followed Misha’s development for well over three decades, it is without the slightest reticence I commend her to those looking to develop greater health and thrive."

Dr. Carol Boyd, Developmental Psychologist, British Columbia

"Misha is a unique and remarkable guide who incorporates all the aspects of the 'coach approach' in a way that truly facilitates the client to move forward in making vast changes- though it is done thoughtfully and at the client's pace. Misha brings presence, compassion, respect, and a vast understanding of the complexity of the art form of coaching."

L.K., PhD RN

"I just had the most transformative and healing session with Misha. Her ability to listen deeply, paired with her empathy, intuition and unconditional positive regard for her clients, creates an environment where changes can organically and joyfully manifest. Misha inspires passion and purpose, while gently and compassionately guiding her clients to where they choose to go. Collaborating with Misha is a gift and a pleasure. She is a master with innate talent and exceptional training. In our time together I have made progress toward achieving my goals, however, even more importantly, I have discovered a deeper love, respect, understanding and regard for myself that has positively impacted my life and those I serve and love. With gratitude..."

Deborah S.

"As a fresh parent only five years into the game, it's been difficult at times navigating what it looks like to care for myself as a whole person. Misha has a natural ability to listen beyond my words and wonder about the whole picture. Her questions and thoughts have led to shifts in my lifestyle, helped me find freedom to rest, and just appreciation for who I am. Misha has seen the strength in me when I couldn't quite see it myself. I have also never met someone so attuned to beauty in every facet of life. It's refreshing and so life giving to spend time with someone who can be with you in the hard things, but then draw out the beauty and strength. As a tired mom, sometimes just making it, I have so appreciated this particular side of Misha!"

Katie Klassen, young mother

“Misha had a way of making me and all who she worked with feel like they were worth her time and important to her.  I always felt like she valued and believed in me.  She found strengths in me and helped me to flourish in those strengths.  She came alongside of me. I was 16, in a new state, new high school, new everything and she helped me find purpose, and a community to belong.  She taught me how to be myself by setting up opportunities and encouraging me to break out of my comfort zone.  She was authentic and real with me and she helped shape me into the high school student life advisor and teacher that I am today.”

Mary Mitchell, High School Student Life Advisor, Teacher

"Misha is one of those rare individuals who uses her mind and heart in equal measure. Her strong inner voice and thought process is tempered with sweet grace and compassion. Misha exudes warmth and makes you feel comfortable no matter what you’re confiding to her. She is the ultimate listener...tracking with you and opening her mind and heart to possibilities on how to respond to the whole person, giving you her undivided attention. Having known Misha for many, many years I have seen first hand her gift of grace towards others. Her life experience, her own trials and personal hardships have given her a unique insight into tending to the whole person in order for them to thrive. Misha is much loved by our family."

Kirsty Lee, mother of four aged 19-30, adoptive mom, and chronic illness warrior.

“I have had the pleasure of observing Misha’s sacrificial investment into the lives of young adults for over twenty years.  Her commitment to excellence, balanced with compassion and humility make her a natural coach.  Misha is especially gifted in guiding others in discovering their unique strengths and helping them find ways to use those strengths to have a positive effect on others.  As a coach, Misha infuses her love of all things beautiful and creative to draw those attributes out of others.”

Randy Thomas,
Former Director of Training Schools & Campus Director, U of N

“Misha is a very interesting adult, she has the wisdom of someone who has experienced life to the fullest, but in her heart she is still a teenager and I think that’s why it’s impossible to not talk to her about life.”

"Misha is amazing because she is a good listener, and she is encouraging. She is a person that always tries to listen to your perspective."

CT, 16  and AC, 14