Chocolate Chip Cookies and Why I Am A Health Coach

When I was a young teenager I was up very late one night in my bedroom pretzeled on the brown-flecked carpet as only young, stretchy bodies can do. I was drawing the long, limber figures of ballerinas in my sketchbook while sneaking still warm chocolate chip cookies from the kitchen.

I remember that night because it was the first time I was aware of my body as something that felt like it was betraying me in my appetites and the way I felt and looked - completely unlike the bodies I was drawing and wanting to be - all of which left me with the feeling of being alone in the world. A feeling I realized many years later was common for women in all stages of life.  

I didn't realize until I was in my forties that I had been looking for a health coach for almost my whole life. I had no idea what they were until I had gone back to school, to study psychology, and my practicum track involved training to work as a health coach. Suddenly I was surrounded by practitioners in the fields of neuroscience, nutrition, positive psychology and mind-body medicine who were teaching me an integrated approach to our bodies - and helping me understand some of the very things I had tried for years to understand about myself, even al the way back to the night on my bedroom floor!

I looked around and saw women younger than me who were being offered freedom and insight to explore what their bodies were going through, backed by the validation of research. I saw young mothers being given empathic space and support for postpartum depression, changing hormones, and the adjustment to becoming parents and all the overwhelm that brings with it. I saw teenagers being taught about their brains and why their emotions felt the way they did - and being shown the beauty of how they, as adolescents, saw the world.

I wanted in on this.

As I dove deeper into this field and made it my profession, I loved offering support to my clients allowing them to be informed and in charge of what their bodies, emotions, and brains were telling them, and helping them know how to interpret it all. I found so much enjoyment in offering the validation and resources to my clients that I had spent decades looking for, ever since I was that young girl drawing ballerinas' bodies and struggling to understand her own.

Please feel free to contact me if I can offer you support as well. 


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