The ultimate goal of health coaching is to put you in the driver's seat of your own health and well being, and to help you gather all the resources and care you need in your enjoyment of life and healing.

What does it mean to be in charge of our bodies? What does it look like to listen to our wrenched knee, our tweaked back, the chronic problem spot that won’t stop aching? 

We have to start where our body talks. 

"Functional Medicine Health Coaches know there’s more to a healthy lifestyle than fad diets and unsustainable exercise regimens. There’s a gap between what clients know they need to do to be healthy and the intrinsic motivation they need to actually make and sustain those changes. Coaches bridge that gap." - FMCA

Whether it’s the adrenaline thumping in our chest that just won't seem to stop, the tightness in our shoulders we are constantly feeling, relentless insomnia, or a new diagnosis - every cell in our bodies plays a part in telling the story of who we are, how we are doing, and what our deepest needs are. The author Sue Monk Kidd says "Our longings are the most elegant expression of our needs." Your longings and your needs are worth hearing.

"The field of health coaching has become increasingly sophisticated as it draws from a growing body of evidence-based coaching psychology, positive psychology, adult learning theory, motivational interviewing (MI), and new findings in neuroscience. Health coaches tap into theoretical frameworks and conceptual models including self-determination theory, adult development theory, learning theory, MI, transtheoretical model, social cognitive theory, internal family systems, locus of control, self-efficacy model, appreciative inquiry, and nonviolent communication techniques. The training and education for health coaches concentrate on more than 50 years of research in social psychology, health promotion, organizational leadership, behavioral and positive psychology, and the latest findings in neuroscience and the workings of the brain." 

-  Coaching vs Psychotherapy in Health and Wellness: Overlap, Dissimilarities, and the Potential for Collaboration; Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP, United States; John B. Livingstone, MD, FRSH (UK), United States


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